Below are a few of many of the physical & mental benefits of this wonderful sport!

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builds body confidence

Pole Fitness builds confidence and self-esteem like no other workout can! Having to have a little more skin on show than usual (due to your skin needing to stick to the pole) you will be amazed at how freeing it is and that everybody, no matter what shape or size, will become more comfortable in their body and all of its glory! As your pole journey progresses, you’ll also start to physically notice a change in your body too! You’ll be stronger, your muscles will feel firmer and you’ll be less fatigued. You’ll soon start to be able to wear clothes which cling to parts of your body you’d never dream of showing off before! It really is a wonderful feeling and with regular pole training, you’ll feel more body confident in no time!

Builds Upper Body Strength

This sport requires you to lift and hold your own body weight for extended periods of time, whilst making it look super easy! Now don’t worry if you aren’t very strong or feel as if you have ‘no upper body strength’ - it’s okay! You WILL gain it by consistently coming to classes and you will gain it FAST! You’ll build your shoulder muscles, biceps, triceps and forearms. As pole moves don’t really target one particular muscle at a time, you’ll generally be working all of these muscles for each move, trick or transition that you perform. That means you’re getting a COMPLETE workout, working multiple muscles at the same time!

promotes weight loss

Pole fitness helps you lose weight from both a cardio AND strength perspective. High activity in the sessions will help you burn those calories, whilst all the climbing, lifting and holding will help you build muscle and tone up! Increasing & consistently maintaining your level of physical activity raises your basal metabolic rate as well - so even when you aren’t pole training, your body will be optimised to burn more calories between sessions! So if you’re looking to burn fat and tone up - say HELLO!

healthier joints + bones

Pole fitness strengthens muscles, joints and connective tissue all at the same time. Sports such as running & aerobics put a lot more stress on your joints than Pole Fitness. Developing strong bones & connective tissue, along with increasing joint mobility helps significantly decrease the risk of many things including osteoporosis in women.

builds core + leg strength

Pole fitness works the entire core as well as working your front and back muscles equally (WIN!) Having strong back and core muscles means reduced injuries in every day life - you won’t need anyone to help you carry your groceries or move your couch anymore - it’s all you! Have you also noticed how pole dancer’s legs are always poised and pointed? Having permanently pointed toes builds up strong thigh and calf muscles! Not to mention the amount of leg strength you will gain for climbs, leg hands and many pole tricks!

improves flexibility

Pole dancers get to enjoy the benefit of being more nimble and bendy! Being flexible reduces your risk of muscle injury and muscle soreness, as well as allowing you to look jaw droppingly beautiful on the pole! However it’s so much more than just being bendy- there are many practical benefits as well. If one part of our body is less mobile than it should be, other parts end up unnaturally compensating for it, leading to premature joint wear, poor posture & even poor form for basic movements such as walking or lifting. Given the twisting, stretching & bending involved in Pole Fitness, you’re training your muscles and joints to be more flexible, whilst improving your sense of balance and spacial awareness.

improves coordination + balance

Pole Fitness requires an incredible amount of co-ordination and balance - don’t worry if you’re lacking in these- this can be learnt fast! Learning to control spins, turns & pivots will also strengthen the muscles throughout your whole body. Imagine for a second the balance, awareness and coordination that it takes to hold yourself upside down on a pole- can you see how this could help you avoid injury in your every day life? You will be less likely to trip or bump into things - genuinely! That is because Pole Fitness exercises not only your body, but your mind & your problem solving skills!

improves endurance

Pole and the expression of dance (as well as wanting to “nail that move!”)

is so much fun that it is easy to lose track of time. When you don’t realise how long you’ve been training for, your endurance increases with little effort! Being distracted by the determination to get a new move, you won’t realise how much muscle power you’re actually using.. until later that is! (Ouch)

be part of

an amazing community

There is a real sense of friendship, support and encouragement within the pole fitness community. No matter your age, level or experience, you will feel part of an empowered collective of women & surrounded by positivity and good vibes forever more! Our studio offers a safe, non-judgemental and uplifting environment for you to achieve your goals, with instructors guiding you with enthusiasm every step of the way! 

above all..

Our Pole Fitness classes are above all about having fun!!

Akila prides herself in creating a positive, safe & uplifting space where her students feel more comfortable  & inspired than ever.


*Each class is 60 minutes long and we recommend that you wear shorts and a vest or t-shirt. Please do not moisturise for at least 4 hours before the class.