Christmas Choreo Workshops

Rock n' Roll Christmas (Beginners)

Want to try a pole choreo class but hesistant of what to expect? Fear not! In this 1.15hr workshop suitable for complete choreo newbies, our resident instructor Carolina (aka @bloggeronpole) will teach you a fun, badass, barefoot choreo to The Darkness' "Christmas Time"! In this workshop, you will follow Carolina as she teaches you step-by-step moves such as pirouettes, step-arounds and body waves. By the end of class, you will have learnt your first Christmas-themed pole choreo in a class of complete beginners like you! Book your spot and get in the Christmas spirit! Only 5x spaces available.

Requirements: socks, christmas outfits and having done at least 4 pole beginner classes before joining.

Rock n' Roll Christmas (Int/Advanced)

It's Christmas time, so what's a better way to celebrate than by hair flicking, dropping and popping to classic rock n'roll anthem "Christmas Time" by The Darkness?! Join our resident instructor Carolina (aka @bloggeronpole) as she teaches you a fun, intermediate/advanced pole choreo featuring fast spis, bangin' floorwork and a lot of naughty but nice sass! Book your spot and let's get Christmassy! Only 5x spaces are available.

Requirements: christmas outfits, kneepads, heels and having done at least 4 pole choreo classes and the abilty to invert.