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Full Class Guide

Hey beauties! Have a look through our full class guide: we offer a vast range of classes to cater to all levels of experience and interests. Whether you're a complete beginner taking your first spin or an experienced dancer looking to master advanced tricks or choreo, we have something for everyone <3


Absolute Beginners

If you’ve never tried pole before, have had a taster session, or attended only a handful of pole classes, this is the level for you! In this class you will learn; a range of spins in basic spin grip (eg step around, fireman, front/back hook), floor/ grounded movement (body rolls/ undulations, speed bumps, pole pliés, floor based fan kicks), and begin to work on fundamental knee and thigh grips such as sitting and climbing.


Beginners Level 2

You've attended a number of absolute beginner classes, have developed a basic understanding of pole movements from the floor and you're ready to start learning some different fundamental grips from the floor! In this class you will learn; to perfect the beginner spins in basic spin grip (eg chair, front hook), a range of new spins in half bracket grip  (boomerang, carousel etc), invert prep (fan kicks from standing) and invert to chopper, and initial inverts with no hands (crucifix). You will also begin to work on; fundamental knee and thigh grips such as Jasmine and Genie (from the floor).



Now that you've mastered the beginner fundamentals of pole, you're ready to take your pole skills off the floor and into the air! In this class you will learn; a range of leg hang positions with no hands, more advanced conditioning exercises for the abs and shoulders, spins in half bracket grip, full bracket, and strong grip, a proficiency in inverting. You will also master; core aerial tricks and transitions such as superman from Jasmine, Butterfly, forearm press climb, Jamilla, and layout positions/ wrist seats.
As you build a wide repertoire of intermediate tricks, you will also start to learn some more challenging skills including; extended butterfly, prep for true grip Ayesha, Genie no hands, Brass Monkey, combos involving 3+ spins, laybacks, Jade, Superman from inverted position, hip locks, and aerial inverting.



The sky is the limit. You are confident in all of the intermediate skills and movements, and you’re ready to take your pole to the next level. In this class you will learn tricks and combos which include; flag inverts, Brass Monkey to flag, shoulder mount progressions, Allegra and Allegra variations, Jade variations, Hummingbird, aerial advanced Jamilla to Extended Butterfly, arms only positions, handsprings, and drops.


Spinning Pole in Heels (Advanced)

Kitty's distinctive style with heels seamlessly blends intricate pole tricks with graceful dance movements. Every class features a carefully crafted sequence that integrates low-flow, mid-flow, and high-flow elements. In addition to these fluid transitions, students will learn a variety of tricks, both grounded and aerial. The primary emphasis of this class is on executing each move with fluidity and grace, truly embodying the art of dancing through the tricks effortlessly.


Old School Pole

If you love embracing slow, intentional and sensual movements and crave the feeling of being irresistably sultry, then this class is made for you.v We're taking it back to the roots of pole vdancing, where grace and sensuality intertwine. Learn classic aerial and floor tricks and transitions and develop them alongside smooth, slinky sequences. Expand your freestyle skills and perfect your ability to flow both on and off the pole.


Beginner Pole Flow

Get creative with this lyrical and contemporary class that focuses on musicality and artistic expression. Phoebe will guide you through a choreography and encourage you to move in a way that feels right for your own body. This class will provide building blocks to help create your own style of movement, focusing on moving elegantly and finding your flow.

Expect a mixture of dynamic pole spins, transitions and floor work, focusing on timing movement with the music.
Suitable for students who have attended at least 3-4 beginners classes. As well as more advanced level students who want to focus on improving their flow. No other previous dance experience needed. Socks, leggings and knee pads are recommended.


Sexy Pole Choreo

Unleash your sexiest self in this dynamic flow choreo class!  Master creating beautiful shapes and lines with your body, learn seamless transitions and showstopping basework tricks to wow an audience.
From sultry leg waves to dynamic drops, you will explore varying movements and musicalities allowing you to enhance your heels repertoire and develop your own personal style. This class is designed to help you improve your skills, build strength and increase your confidence in a fun and safe environment!

Requirements: Open level class. It is recommended that you have taken 3/4 beginner level classes prior to this. Pole specific heels and kneepads are strongly recommended.


Intermediate Spinning Pole

Elevate your spinning pole skills with Akila's signature style in our Intermediate Spinning Pole Class. Explore floaty transitions and create pretty shapes and combos as you refine your technique and master gorgeous spins and sequences.

Requirements: Confident climbing on spin, inverting and outside leg hang.


Beginner Heels

Want to try heels but don't know where to start? This is a total beginner friendly class for those both new to heels and new to pole. Rather than doing a full choreo with dance style instruction, we will learn a few simple transitions and moves before linking them together in a mini flow with some music. We will break down how to do moves differently using heels rather than barefoot making sure you are super comfortable moving around the pole before making things more complicated! This class is intended to be accessible for those who have never done a dance class and want to enjoy moving in heels on the pole to music without the challenge of a full choreo class!


Contemporary Spinning Pole

Step into the captivating world of contemporary spinning pole, where dance and emotion intertwine. Discover the power of expression through fluid movements, dramatic spins and heartfelt choreography. Unlock your unique style as you go on a journey of artistic exploration, where every moment on the pole tells a story. 


Floorwork & Low Pole Flow

Embrace the base with this fun and sensual class! This class combines the art of floorwork and low pole flow- perfect if you want to stay grounded. Floorwork opens up an endless amount of possibilities within your own movement style whilst developing strength, flow, mobility, musicality and co-ordination. In this class we will concentrate on the fundamental elements of floorwork, including rolls, shoulder stands, tricks and learning how to travel across the floor in a seamless way. This will also be combined with learning transitions around the base of the pole and some interesting ways to get up from the floor to standing. You will learn a variety of techniques, tricks and transitions and a short choreography to link these moves together!

Requirements: Suitable for beginners who have done a at least 4 pole classes and for more advanced dancers. This will be taught as a heels class but you can wear socks if you prefer. Students can be fully dressed in a top and leggings or in their pole gear.


Spinning Pole in Heels (Open Level)

Unleash your inner diva and elevate your pole skills with our Spinning Pole in Heels class! This class is designed for dancers of all levels, but participants must have completed a minimum of 5 pole classes before joining. Discover how to infuse your routine with sexiness and sensuality as you explore mesmerizing spins, fluid transitions, and captivating combinations—all while rocking your favorite heels. Join us and take your pole dancing to the next level of style and confidence!


Heels Flow

If you've ever dreamt of effortlessly dancing in heels, then this is the class for you! We will cover the essential foundations of the sexy side of pole dance, as well as conditioning for dancing in heels and learning how to master your heels to express yourself in them. You will learn a choreographed sequence focusing on fluidity of movement, musicality and the technical elements of heel work! This class will help you build a strong, solid foundation in heels across a range of sexy styles and techniques to take your dancing to the next level!Requirements: Suitable for beginners who have done a minimum of 4 pole classes, and for experienced pole dancers who want to improve and perfect their technique. *Not suitable for absolute beginners/those with no pole experience.


Heels Flow & Static Tricks

Step into Kitty's signature style where dance and tricks blend seamlessly. Explore mesmerizing leg waves, aerial tricks, and handstands in our heels flow & static tricks class. Each session hones in on a specific trick or static combo, refining your technique while building confidence. You will then conclude each session with a dynamic flow sequence that brings these tricks to life in a fluid sequence. 

Requirements: Must be at least of Upper Beginner/Intermediate Level.


Sensual Freestyle

This class is for students who are interested in exploring their sensual side and developing their own unique style of movement. Students will learn a variety of sensual sequences and transitions that they can incorporate into their own freestyles at the end of class. Students will be given prompts to help them explore and deepen their own creativity and sensuality within their movement.Open to all levels, barefoot recommended.


Sensual Pole Choreo

Explore and embrace your sensuality in this sultry choreo class! Channel your inner enchantress as we slink and glide around the pole. This class will help you develop your fluidity, musicality and technique around the pole in heels. You will learn a short choreography with a focus on flowy transitions, hypnotic twirls and beautiful lines. Requirements: Open level class. It is recommended that you've taken a few beginner level classes prior to this. Pole specific heels and knee pads are strongly recommended.

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