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Kitty Velour: Sunday 2nd April

The incredible Kitty Velour will be hosting three amazing workshops with us on Sunday 2nd April including 'Clacks, Bangs & Drops', 'Strip Bounce' and 'Bootylicious Baby'!

"Clacks, Bangs & Drops": 12.30pm-1.30pm

fully booked <3

This is a floor work and pole workshop, focusing on hard style combos, including low flow kips, ferocious heel bangs and dynamic knee drops (and split drops!). It’s all about taking up space, being heard and demanding attention through your bad ass moves.

"Strip Bounce": 1.45pm-3pm

fully booked <3

This is Kitty’s quintessential style! (Str1p bounce is just short for str1pp3r style bounce!) This is a filthy, bouncy, booty bonanza of a routine where zero f*cks are given! Focus is on channeling your dancing diva, flaunting your bodacious body and letting go of your inhibitions. Flirty, filthy movement jam-packed with booty pops and dirty drops. Ready to flaunt your fierceness?

"Bootylicious Baby" Twerk Workshop: 3.15pm-4.15pm

This is a floor work and twerk fusion of all things bootytastic. Learn how to bounce bump and bop that beautiful booty of yours and celebrate your body and it’s jiggly bits. With correct technique, everyone can learn to twerk! Kitty is a certified to work in the structure having trained through Torwa Joe’s world renowned Twerk Technician programme. Kitty is here to make all your bouncing booty dreams come true!


Peter Holoda
Sunday 7th May

Join renowned aerial artist

Peter Holoda in two incredible workshops on Sunday 7th May.

"Pole Contact" Workshop: 11.30am-1.00pm

In this 90 minute workshop you will learn how to go from one trick to the other seamlessly using the language of dance. By moving parts of the body separately, isolation is created, which is one of the bases of beautiful movement. This workshop will focus on improving the centre of body, balance and pole/floor contact.

"Pole Choreography" Workshop: 1:30pm-3.00pm

During this workshop you will develop your dance knowledge and correct execution of arm and leg positions as well as improve your skills through repetition of choreo. Throughout the class you will be moving in liberating ways in order to express and convey your emotions. This choreography will focus on rhythm and momentum. Suitable for all levels.


Jessica Risque
Sunday 21st May

"This Is Not an Invitation" Pole Choreo Workshop:

We have heel banged the floor now it is time to take it to the pole - This workshop highlights the stigma surrounding being hypersexual in the femme on or off the pole, still doesn't mean we are asking for it! This fierce, flirty and fun routine includes a bunch of ass popping and heel bangs in every direction, we will express ourselves in a safe space and we will be heard ;) All the moves will be adaptable for each levels but a bit of experience in dancing will help as it is full to the brim with content for your badass selves!

FB_IMG_1634667350637 (1).jpeg

Jessica Risque
Sunday 21st May

"MASC Magic" 'Channing Tatum who?'
Floorwork & Pole Workshop: 4pm-5.30pm

There is the confidence of a MASC skripper in all of us and it's time to explore it. These body rolls will drop anyones pants and make them dream they were the floor... So get those tight vests, caps and trackie bottoms and let change up the dynamics in this fresh approach to floor f*cking. This is not for the faint hearted but ALL are welcome and so is binding if that's the fantasy you are living. Bring your trainers!


Ms Lizard:
Sunday 5th Feb

fully booked <3

Join Ms Lizard as she takes you through a 90 minute workshop consising of elegant & beautiful choreography focusing on clean lines and impeccable transitions- giving special attention to musicality whilst improving execution. 

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Luna Minxx:
Sunday 26th Feb

Succubus Slinkery: 1.30pm-2.30pm

fully booked <3

Come discover how to bend and spin in deliciously seductive ways! A one hour slow beginner pole routine in signature stripper style: Heels & your sparkliest, sluttiest outfit! All Levels Welcome  <3

Make It Reign (Floorwork Workshop): 3.15pm-4.15pm

fully booked <3

You know your pu$$y is royalty, right? In this filthy, fast paced floorwork workshop, we're gonna pop it, shake it, stroke it and show off just what they can't afford! This is expenzzzive, baby! Bring your heels and best money-making outfit. Open to all levels <3


Cassie Pickersgill: Sunday 19th Feb

fully booked <3

Post-Valentine's sexiness at our Acro Lap Dance & Chair Workshop! In this 75 minute workshop, you will learn dance & acro techniques whilst gaining confidence dancing for someone and expressing your sexual energy! Be prepared to embrace your inner temptress and seduce! Suitable for all levels.


Josh Taylor:
Sunday 22nd Jan

Spinning Divinity: 3.30pm-5pm

From Whirling Dervishes mirroring the turning of planets, to a village circling the feet of a Maypole callling for the vitality. ofsummer; Spinning is a part of dances oldest rituals. Transform your spinning pole into a ritual of devotion to your spirit, your body, and your own world; Grow past your tricks and fly! 

Barefoot Sensuality 1.30pm-3pm

fully booked <3

Take yourself all the way back to your skin, and dance to find out the sensation of every. damn. inch of it! This 90 workshop utilises a mixture of freestyle and choreography to give you a chance to adventure through all aspects of your body; the tension, the pleasure, the work! Reinvigorate your sexy movement as you connect to the essence. 

Akila Pole Studio Presents: Naughty or Nice Xmas Doubles Workshop!
*Sunday 4th Dec*

fully booked <3

Join Akila Cristiano & Rachael Gisella by discovering the beauty and FUN of pole doubles with a very special Christmas theme!! Feel free to book with your bestie, or if you're booking alone, don't worry as we'll match you with a bestie <3 Christmas theme dress up encouraged- but we will have lots of Christmas props to give you that extra magic feel regardless! All level polers welcome.

1.30pm-3pm & 3.30pm-5pm


Cami Arboles:
Sunday 30th Oct & Sunday 6th Nov

"Flow Like Water"

This two-part 90 minute class series will explore sensuality, storytelling and catharsis through movement.

The workshop combines flexibility training, floorwork and pole choreography to cultivate individualised and intuitive movement flow.

fully booked <3

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